Lou Huang

user interface engineering · civic technology · urban design

  • Mobile-ready interface for those on-the-go.
    Mobile-ready interface for those on-the-go.

Las Vegas Food Trucks

Las Vegas, NV
City of Las Vegas
Product manager, user experience designer, front-end developer
Ryan Closner, Lindsay Ballant

In late 2012, the City of Las Vegas passed an ordinance regulating food trucks, which designated certain parking spaces that allows food trucks to operate more freely. The City also implemented a new electronic parking meter system throughout downtown which could monitor the scheduling and enforcement of food truck parking.

We saw an opportunity to produce an application that exposed this real-time information to the broader public and publish when food trucks actually appear. This is the first food truck map application that relies on real-time truck locations, is mobile-friendly, and comes with an administration system that allows the City to manage its schedules.

We launched this in August 2013 for an initial six month pilot. The program was successful, with new phases and locations planned for the future.