Lou Huang

user interface engineering · civic technology · urban design

Tangram Play

New York City, NY
Project lead

Tangram is Mapzen’s open-source graphics rendering engine for digital maps. By tapping into a device’s graphics card, Tangram offers designers and cartographers full control over design, animation, and interactivity.

The engine is programmed with a plain text “scene file.” With Tangram Play, a fully-fledged text editor is integrated with a running instance of the Tangram library, so that designers can edit the scene file and watch as their changes take effect immediately.

Initially developed as an internal tool, it received attention from early adopters and watchers of Mapzen’s open source projects. In 2017, we officially launched the beta version as an officially-supported Mapzen product with free map hosting, and is designed to be the best way to learn Tangram.